Sales Area & Systems

Saravá Sales provides a digital-focused sales enhancement service, building automations and integrations to streamline your processes

What you will get

  • Implementation of a personalized CRM tools
  • Centralization of sales information to eliminate reliance on a single individual
  • Customized workshops to refine company vision, identify opportunities, and address pain points

B2B Lead Generation

Driving B2B Lead Generation is key to empowering sales teams to reach their targets. This is the most time-intensive aspect for sales representatives

Who is it for

Busy businesses and professionals who lack the time to effectively identify and engage potential clients. If you're overwhelmed with current operations and find it challenging to allocate resources to lead generation, our service is for you

What you will get

  • Accurate, trustworthy, and customized list of potential leads for your sales funnel and CRM
  • Market Scope (mapping)
  • Ideal Prospect Profiles
  • Periodical Reports

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Appointment Setting

Maximize sales team productivity with our appointment setting service. We'll schedule qualified appointments so your team can focus on developing your company

What you will get

  • Skilled appointment setters who will schedule appointments with decision-makers genuinely interested in your products or services
  • Sales Funnel Flow
  • Dedicated communication to keep direction aligned between you and us

Customer Portfolio Creation

We create portfolios of profitable companies ready to buy your products or services, effectively capitalizing on opportunities from the Lead Generation step

Who is it for

Entrepreneurs and businesses that want to build a solid and profitable customer base but lack the know-how or resources to do so

What you will get

  • Saravá Sales will represent your company at all scheduled meetings
  • We'll master your service as if it were our own to close deals on your behalf
  • We'll request technical support in meetings until it's no longer necessary

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Customer Portfolio Managment

Our mission is to build loyal, trusted relationships with customers who have made a purchase

What you will get

  • Dedicated portfolio managers who develop customized strategies, deliver personalized experiences, and do constant follow-up to deals
  • Work in tandem with your technical team until our expertise aligns with your needs
  • We'll ensure a sustainable portfolio for enduring growth

Sales Team Trainee

We impart our methodology to train highly qualified sales teams One of our passions is teaching. When we engage in projects, we strive to leave a meaningful and positive footprint

Who is it for

This service is perfect for businesses with a new recruit or intern in sales or fot those who are looking to empower their staff to operate more independently

What you will get

  • We will mentor the individual responsible for their professional internship in mastering the full sales process
  • Each service we provide will be coupled with tailored training
  • Our primary aim is that within six months, the individual overseeing the sales department can effectively implement the system without our ongoing support

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